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The growth in investing complexity has generated a huge number of tools that say they help simplify the process and generate greater returns.  The challenge is finding a tool that gives investors the end-to-end analytics and flexibility they need delivered through an intuitive interface.  That's what led to the development of Delphian Trading.

By combining both machine-learning predictive analytics with trading strategy simulations, investors get a complete picture of where equities are going and high-probability investment scenarios to generate the best returns.


Predictive Analytics

State Modeling is Delphian’s proprietary buy/sell indicator.  Extensive research has shown that market signals and indicators are too subjective.  State Modeling removes the emotion, fear, greed, and intuition from your analysis so trading strategies are based on facts.  With State Modeling, a stock is either bullish or bearish, with gradations of each.  State Modeling also provides clear entry signals with profit targets and stop losses.


Trade Strategy Design

Emotions like fear and greed are natural in trading, but can be costly and get in the way of optimal outcomes. Our trade strategy backtesting platform takes the emotions out of trading by helping you create an effective data-driven trade strategy, optimize it, and execute it.



No one person has all the answers or the best ideas.  Our unique collaboration capabilities, including strategy sharing, whiteboarding, and sticky notes, lets teams work together to review and improve strategy ideas simply, in real time, and within a single platform.

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