Driving Higher Hedge Fund Returns

Boosting performance. Simplifying portfolio diversification.

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Growth.  That's What It's All About.

We know Alpha is king.

Delphian increases the probability of greater returns at lower risk.


Got Options?

Expand beyond equities to derivatives and currencies for greater return, quickly and easily

Tough Choices

Improve the performance of your existing use of derivatives and currencies through objective, data-driven trading strategies

Two Heads...

Generate plain-English reports to share trade strategy ideas with colleagues, leveraging group think to optimize trading strategies.

 Beating the market is getting harder.  Delphian simplifies things.

Data sources and volume are exploding.  Improving alpha consistently through effective trading strategies has become tightly dependent on both technology and efficiency.

New, enhanced data sources and increased automation are powering fundamental change in options, futures, and currency trading.  Delphian is leading the way.

No coding experience needed.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing system or use as a standalone platform.

Be the first to deploy a winning strategy

From a particular data set without new skills, new teams, or new technical platforms.

Deploy and test trades

With quant technology in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Game-changing Capabilities

Delphian delivers powerful features and compelling benefits

Amplify your existing trading strategies

Combine your legacy strategies with our innovative and options-centric platform

Find, test, deploy new trading strategies

We make it easy to test strategies using over a decade of historical intraday options data to find profitable trades

Share/collaborate on trading

We give auto-generated and customizable trading strategy reports to rapidly identify new paths to alpha

Improve Alpha 

Test and optimize trading strategies using historical market data. Compare strategies side by side with a few clicks.

Free up time to look at more investments

Researching a higher volume of trading strategies is likely to identify more opportunities to boost alpha

Improve Efficiency

Enhance teamwork with shared backtest reporting, save time creating reports with auto-generated and customizeable trading strategy reports.

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Proprietary predictive buy/sell signals, detailed scenario testing

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