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Your success at trading depends greatly on your experience. Knowing what works, what doesn’t work, what to look for, what are acceptable risks, how to recognize success, how to leverage data, and more.

New and inexperienced traders face an extended learning curve. As an educator or mentor, your role is to compress that curve...while saving time and growing your business.  Delphian Trading helps you do that.



Access to Unparalleled Trading Tools

Educators and mentors who partner with Delphian Trading have access to cutting-edge tools to simplify content planning, expand your business, and boost student satisfaction.  Rapid course development, collaboration capabilities, real-time information dissemination, multiple strategy design techniques, and advanced trading tools.

  • Develop custom courses rapidly that include white boards, video presentations, and shared portfolios.
  • Create content easily and boost student reviews to attract more clients and build your business
  • Access over 10 years of intra-day pricing data per equity, delivering precise modeling analysis that will increase student and investor confidence in strategy and trade design.
  • Accelerate learning, boost performance, and instill confidence, leading to an overall increase in trainee satisfaction.

Build Your Business

Whether you are an educator or mentor, Delphian Trading enables you to service a broad array of clients with useful content covering a wide variety of market areas.  We help you scale while improving the quality of your offerings, giving your business a significant boost.

  • Collaboration among peer and students
  • In-depth equity and option analysis with both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Strategy development which includes basic to complex equity and option trades

Save Time

Creating materials from scratch and sharing them is a big effort.  But it doesn't have to be.  With our automated report generation, content sharing capabilities, and

  • Encompass all of your course documentation, trade ideas, trade analysis and paper trading portfolio within one, easily accessible, web-based platform.
  • Quickly enroll students in a tailored and efficient enrollment process for each designated course
  • Instantly share trade material, trade ideas, and trade execution with individuals or groups

Boost Results, Student Satisfaction

Student learning and increased profits are some of the main drivers for an educator and mentor. Delphian Trading offers the ability to streamline your service and assist students in a key area of trading: money management.

  • Virtual portfolio to track and analyze trades in real-time
  • Instant communication with peers and other students within Delphian Trading’s message board and collaboration section
  • Learning tools and trade analysis sections that improve trading confidence, efficiency, and management

Key platform aspects to help students find Alpha


Get answers within minutes. We can test either using your data or by simply importing your trade dates from a spreadsheet.


Backtest an individual symbol or a basket of symbols going back to 2007 with historical intra-day equity and option pricing.  Option strategies are highly customizable and include over 30 different strategy types.


Get one-on-one platform support from one of our dedicated trading strategists

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Educators and mentors have access to Delphian Trading’s unique collaboration features, giving traders higher probability of success.





Idea Board

Share an idea with a group to have traders learn and potentially optimize trading strategies.

process board
Message Board

Instantly send messages to individuals or groups within your team about shared backtests, reports, or any aspect within the Delphian Trading platform.

Shared Reports
Shared Backtests

Quickly share backtest design, rules, and results with individuals or groups.

Shared Reports

Share auto-generated and customizable plain-English analysis reports.

Your Partner for Success

You're building a business and training options traders.  Simplifying both efforts can help you do both better.  Delphian Trading give you the tools you need to expand your client list, broaden your offerings, save time, and generate satisfied students.  We make it easy to create success.



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