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Greater Success, Faster

We help you trade smarter, decide faster, train better

Course Creation

Our intuitive research platform and plain-English reports simplify training course development while boosting success and trader retention


By streamlining training and trade strategy development, your traders will generate alpha more quickly and more efficiently

Sharing is Caring

Got a successful strategy?  By making it easy to share internally, you leverage the skills of individual traders across your entire team to drive higher returns.

Do you have enough productive traders?
Probably not.

Traders look for prop trading firms with access to intuitive education tools, market research, technical and fundamental analyses, a community of peers, and trading capital. But with demanding and often globally-distributed traders, training on advanced trading methodologies and high-probability strategies can be a challenge.

Simplify course development

With automated, granular backtesting of equity and derivative trading scenarios , based on 12-year historical, 20-minute-interval pricing data.

Accelerate trainee learning curve

Enable testing of multiple trading strategies with advanced tools to analyze trade entry, management and exit.

Facilitate internal collaboration

Use customizable technical and plain English report to share profitable strategies and trading scenarios across your team in real time. 

Product Benefits

Delphian Trading’s industry-leading financial derivatives and currency trade backtesting platform is a powerful yet intuitive, all-inclusive trade analysis and optimization tool.  It provides fundamental market research, technical analysis with advanced charting tools, a proprietary buy/sell algorithm, and customizable, auto-generated reports to share trade design and results.

No Programming Experience is Required

Intuitive yet powerful interface allows deep strategy customization through a simple GUI

Easier Collaboration

Simple, auto-generated trade strategy reports facilitate sharing of successful ideas throughout the organization

Simplified Trade Strategy Research

All-in-one platforms provides market indicators by equity, comprehensive historical backtesting, and trade platform integration, improving trader productivity and performance.

Better Returns, Faster

Due to steep learning curves and tool flexibility, traders can conceive of and test more trade strategies faster, dramatically improving probability of higher returns.

Higher Firm, Team Performance

Leverage collaboration and shared knowledge features that can significantly improve the performance of your team.

Higher Retention

Make your trader's life easier and more lucrative and they will stick around to drive returns for the firm.

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Proprietary predictive buy/sell signals, detailed scenario testing

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