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While our analytics platform is exceptionally intuitive, some users don’t want to go through the process of setting up strategy tests and working through optimizing all possible variables.  We get that.

That’s where our professional services come in. We take your concepts and ideas and leverage the platform to provide you with optimized, high-probability strategies to boost returns and find alpha.


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Strategy Creation


Have you thought about enhancing your stock trading strategies with more profitable options strategies? 

Whether you have a proprietary algorithm, fundamental model, technical model, A.I. or just a lot of ideas you want to test, we can give you answers and the confidence to succeed in options trading.

  • Get answers within minutes! We can test using your data or by simply importing your trade dates from an excel spreadsheet.
  • Test single stocks or a basket of stocks going back to 2007 with historical intra-day options pricing
  • Get one-on-one testing support from one of our dedicated trading strategists



Strategy Optimization

With options trades, there are a lot of variables to consider:  Strategy selection, expiration, strike price, and more. 

What bullish options strategy should you utilize to get the best returns?  A long call? A bull call spread?  A bull put spread? 



With Delphian Trading, you can compare strategies side-by-side and choose in minutes the one that best fits your goals.  We can tweak variables like expiration and strike prices to help you zero in on sweet spots quickly.

  • We can build your trade strategy around your needs, creating the methodology specifying trade rules with defined entry, stops, and profit targets
  • Our expert trading strategists develop custom option strategies and help optimize them around your risk/reward requirements
  • We explore whether you can improve your trading strategy by adding in secondary confirmation signals.  We look at various indicators to maximize your risk-adjusted returns.

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With our professional services, you can leverage our platform and experience to deliver data-driven, high-probability strategies quickly.  We do the heavy lifting, leaving you time to focus on other priorities.

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