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Up Your Investing Game

Take advantage of the same analysis and insights used by Wall Street pros in a tool that's intuitive and built on real-English content.  Tailor your trading strategies to your unique risk/return profile.

Equity Trends

Machine learning predictive analytics uncovers high-probability trends to help optimize your trade strategy.

Double Check

Extensive strategy backtesting using 12-year history of intra-day pricing helps validate the best trades to consider.

Turnkey Studies

Pre-defined and tested strategies from Delphian help augment your own research to maximize returns.

Do you have access to enough financial data? 


Can you decipher it to make the best possible investment decisions?

Probably not


Although thousands of research reports, news events, and opinions from industry professionals are readily available, using them to optimize trading strategies is nearly impossible.  

The result: Trades falling short of expectations.

Delphian combines predictive analytics, backtesting, and pre-configured strategies in one platform to help you achieve your investment goals.  No programming required.

Our State Modeling machine learning engine scours market data, classifying each equity according to it's expected performance by assigning a score of 1 to 8. This helps you focus your research on the most profitable opportunities.
Once you decide on an equity investment, our backtesting tool, covering over a decade of intraday pricing history, helps you evaluate different trading strategies so you can choose those that best fit your risk-reward targets.
To help you get started or supplement your own research, we developed Delphian Studies, pre-designed and tested strategies that help save time and boost returns.

Enabling Your Success

Delphian provides you with numerous tools to get you up and running quickly, including a comprehensive video library, a detailed online help guide, and dedicated support from one of our trading strategists.

Extensive fundamental market research and technical analysis tools 

With so much market data, you can use some help.  We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus more on building your trading strategies.

Professional-level stock and options backtesting 

Probability of success?  Without backtesting, you're just guessing.  We make it simple to conduct thorough backtesting for objective insights into probability of strategy success.

State Modeling:  Buy or Sell

Our machine learning predictive analytics shows, on a stock-by-stock basis, high-probability trends to help shape and time your trading.

Tailored membership tiers to suit your trading skill level

Whether you are an experienced stock trading, a novice options trader or a professional options trader, Delphian has an appropriate membership for you.  

Daily automated high-probability trading ideas

Our Delphian Studies key off our our predictive analytics engine and show equities you might want to consider in your trading strategies.  Our pre-configured analyses reduce the chance you'll miss a strong investment opportunity.

Top Notch Customer Support

Got a question?  We're here for you.  As a Delphian member you will have access to a comprehensive online help guide, an extensive library of help videos, and access to one of Delphian's Trading Strategists via chat, email or phone.

Plans Built for Your Needs

We offer a variety of pricing plans to meet your unique needs and priorities. 

Stocks Pro

Options Lite

Options Pro

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Features & Capabilities

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State Modeling
Stock Screener
Earnings Analysis
Fundamental Stock Analysis
Technical Stock Analysis
Single Screen Backtesting Stocks Stocks & Options Stocks & Options
Chart Patterns
Trading Earnings
Historical Option Data End of Day End of Day **
Options & Volatility Analysis Tools
Delphian Studies Trades
Options Trading Strategies for Backtesting 16 32
Backtesting Wizards (Stocks & Options) End of Day **
Paper Trading Portfolio Stocks Stocks & Options Stocks & Options
Commission Free Trading Add-On*
Stocks (For each individual account) $10 $10 $10
Stocks & Options (For each individual account) $50 $50 $50
Support & Trading
Webinars, Email, Chat & Phone
* Only available through Tradier Brokerage, member of FINRA & SIPC.
**20 minute data can be added for an additional fee.

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