Do you ever feel like trading is a big “what if” game?
Do you ever feel like you don’t have all the data needed to compete in the stock market?
Do you know if your stock is in a bullish or bearish state?

We do.

Delphian answers the “what ifs” so that you can make rational trades based on mathematics. No more wondering “What if I had applied investment strategy X, during period Y”

State Modeling

Our proprietary State ModelingTM algorithm uses more than a decade of historical performance to identify buy or sell signals – taking the guesswork and assumptions out of your trading and helping you make more informed decisions.

With Delphian, you can discover stocks on the move, develop a trade strategy, optimize the strategy by testing alternative trading scenarios in seconds to identify which trade will provide maximum returns.

Professional traders develop a trading plan prior to entering a position. Do you? What will you do if the stock goes up? Down? When should you buy or sell?

Sound complex? We make it easy.

Delphian provides dashboards and wizards to help you quickly identify trade opportunities and easily build and optimize trading scenarios.

Delphian provides more advanced traders with the flexibility to create their own quantitative models. You might have a theory for a strategy but it can take years for it to be vetted by paper trading. We test your trade scenarios in seconds – letting you know when to buy and when to sell with probabilities in your favor.

Start trading smarter today!