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Stock and Options Trading Strategy Articles

In options and stocks trading, decisions are often hard to make. When you design your trading strategy, it is advantageous to learn all you can. Delphian provides an on-going series of articles containing valuable information on a wide variety of trading topics. Links to the articles in the library are below.

Hedging Your Portfolio


Expected and unexpected ups and down in the market are inevitable. Hedging techniques can greatly increase your chances to protect your portfolio from them. Here is a full explanation we call "Hedging 101".

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Getting Started in the Stock Market


Everyone knows how many "fireworks" have gone off since 2009! Part of formulating a solid Trade Plan is employing the use of put options. This article explains what they are and how to use them to protect your investments in case of a reversal down from that Bull market you’ve been enjoying.

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Sell In May?


There are some in the stocks and options trading world who believe you should "Sell in May and Go Away"—the operative word being "and". They actually mean "go away" until November. Is this good advice? There are significant political and financial factors involved in determining the right strategy, as described in this article.

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What Type of Trader Are You


There are distinct differences between the two primary type of traders—Directional Traders and Volatility Traders. Although Directional trading is most commonplace, within it you can plan and trade in a "Bear" mode or a "Bull" position. Meanwhile, Volatility Traders push for gains by selling options (usually overvalued) to the Directional Traders. This article presents that dichotomy and its effects.

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Black Swan


The market always has its ups and downs, of course. But, when an event occurs that deviates in one direction or another from what was expected, that is called a "Black Swan". Learn the details about Black Swans and how to use a hedge strategy to protect yourself from the possible downturns.

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