Additional Platform Tools

Let Delphian Do The Work For You

Our mission at Delphian Trading is to empower and educate you with data. Click each tab below for details on Delphian tools and data.


The virtual portfolio allows members to create custom portfolio’s that track profit and loss, ROI, capital at work, numerous risk measures, greeks and more.  Position comparisons and custom trade alerts included as well as open and closed positions.

Delphian will keep you informed.  Create alerts on price levels, state transitions, favorite indicators, almost anything you can think of.

Track Delphian’s proprietary State Modeling analytics on nearly 4,500 symbols on one chart, track the current number of symbols in each state, track daily state transitions and percentages as well as new 52 week highs and lows.

Our custom screener starts with 5 broad categories; indicators, stock filters,  fundamentals, options filters & state modeling. Each category has numerous screener choices. You’ll also find 44 pre-defined screener criteria to choose from.

The platform offers in depth information on 17 different sectors and breaks them down into business categories per sector. Data includes detailed financial and fundamental analysis. See which companies rank the strongest and which are not keeping up based on the proprietary Delphian grading system.

Wonder why a stock you follow gapped up or down in the past couple years? Use the Delphian time machine to find out why. The time machine populates news stories back to 2007 on symbols we follow on the platform.

How many ETF’s are your favorite stocks part of? Which ETF’s? What’s your stocks weight percentage in those ETF’s?  Find out here.