Fundamental Analysis

All The Numbers You Need

Get into the weeds with your quantitative analysis here. Not only do we have all the company financial statements you would expect to see on an annual, quarterly and TTM basis, we also offer the same numbers on a comparison page that can analyze up to ten companies at once.


Ten years of income statements, balance sheets and cash flow analysis offered on your favorite companies annually, quarterly or TTM (trailing 12 months).

Profitability, valuation, liquidity, capital structure, 38 measures in all.

Get a better understanding of ROI and operating efficiencies.

See the history of share repurchases, their impact on returns along with other analysis.

Available cash, net cash flow from operations and investment activities including per share free cash flow and industry comparisons.

Revenue, net income, EBIT, price to book-sales and earnings with industry comparisons.

See who has the strongest financials. Compare income statements, balance sheets, cash flow analysis, profitability, valuation, liquidity, capital structure and more on ten industry competitors of your choosing.