Strategy Design Services

Let Delphian Crunch the Numbers for You

At Delphian, we have the capability to backtest stock and option strategies back to 2007.  Our expert strategists can perform deep-dive analysis on all of your trade ideas using different option strategies, strike selection, trade management parameters and other trade variables to uncover improved returns.

Whether it is a systematic trading strategy using common indicators or a black box strategy, we can help. Any proprietary trading strategies can be analyzed without disclosure by simply utilizing a spreadsheet of symbols with trade dates to perform the backtesting analysis.

Work collaboratively with a dedicated Delphian Trading Strategist to hone your strategy and find the results you are looking for.

Delphian can quickly test different bullish, bearish or neutral strategies with various strike selections to find which one provides an optimal return based on your risk/reward preferences.

Using our industry leading backtesting engine, Delphian will be able to quickly find the optimal levels for profit target and stop loss percentages for your strategy.

At the conclusion and as requested, we will provide a comprehensive and professional report on all findings.

An optional layer of analysis is available using secondary confirmation indicators to try to find improved strategy results.