How do I get in contact with the Delphian Team?

You can contact the Delphian Team but clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of most pages or you can send an email to

Can you practice trading on the Delphian platform?

Yes, our virtual portfolio tool offers you the ability to execute trades with stock or options without using real dollars. The virtual portfolio can also go back in time to execute trades on previous days from 2007 onward.

What type of options data does Delphian offer?

Option chains, implied volatility charts back to 2007, daily volume and open interest totals, unusual options activity screeners, and six pre-populated trade types screened across 4500 stocks and more.

How far back am I able to backtest a strategy?

Backtests on all stock and option strategies can be run back to Jan 3, 2007.  There are countless variables that can be tested.  See our Backtesting Capabilites page for more info.

Does Delphian have intra-day option prices?

No, the current platform utilizes end of day option price quotes.  In the future, Delphian will upgrade to 20 minute historical option quotes.

What is State Modeling?

State Modeling is Delphian's proprietary buy/sell signal. State modeling is based on discrete mathematics and uses machine learning that analyzes huge sets of data, identifies patterns and correlates them to probable future outcomes. The State Modeling algorithm provides the expected price movement with specific profit targets, along with a stop loss for every symbol.

What are Delphian's Proprietary Trades?

The Delphian Daily Trades are 10 unique trading strategies the Delphian team created using State Modeling and a variety of industry standard technical indicators. The trades auto-populate daily when the specific criteria is met for a particular symbol and are high probability trading signals with historical backtested win rates over 75%.

Can I create my own stock lists?

Yes and auto alerts can be set to notify you when your stocks reach certain levels.

Does the Delphian platform have fundamental data?

Yes, quarterly data on over 4500 companies dating back to 2007.

Am I able to compare one company’s financial information to another?

Yes, up to five comparisons at once is possible. Industry and sector comparisons are available too.

Besides State Modeling, does Delphian rate companies?

Yes, each company in the data base has a Delphian fundamental grade based on our proprietary analysis of the each companies' financial information.  Grades are assigned from the highest grade "A" to lowest "D."  

Do I need to monitor trades manually?

No, Delphian sends automated trade alerts when pre-defined profit target and stop loss levels are met within the virtual portfolio.

How do I start an options club at my school with Delphian?

Send us an email at to get the process started.

Commission Free Trading

Delphian Trading has partnered with Tradier Brokerage to offer unlimited commission free options trading for a price of $50/month.  This feature is available once you become a member of Delphian Trading.