Delphian helps traders identify opportunities in the market, then create, optimize and execute trades.

Our Mission

Delphian provides predictive analytics for smarter trading. We give traders the necessary tools to increase alpha while reducing risk through the use of our State ModelingTM algorithm and S.C.O.P.E platform. State ModelingTM is our proprietary machine learning buy /sell signal that uses discrete mathematics to predict future price movements. S.C.O.P.E provides the ability to develop, test and refine complex trading strategies for higher probability trading. Take the emotions out of trading, trade with Delphian. For more information, please e-mail us at

Our Team

Founder Ashok Yarlagadda
Ashok Yarlagadda, Founder

Ashok is a computer science engineer with more than two decades of experience working for major financial institutions Citi, GE Capital, and HSBC. During his time at Capgemini Financial Services, he spearheaded a large global delivery team, led business growth in Latin America from the ground up, and was directly responsible for customer experience and software delivery. He also became involved in the development of a software solution to hedge currency risk in global operations and discovered a passion for trading. Leveraging this against his extensive experience in computer software architecture, Ashok ventured out on his own to found and create the Delphian platform.

Founder Ashok Yarlagadda
Michael McNelis, Senior Trading Strategist

Michael began his career working for J.W. Investment Bankers, then co-founded Hatshack, a mall-based retail chain that eventually grew to 49 stores before being acquired by the publicly traded company Genesco. Michael has been trading financial markets for over 20 years and has managed portfolios including equities, options and futures contacts. He has extensive use of options for income through covered call writing, hedging, and for capital appreciation, and has traded S&P, oil, natural gas, gold and U.S. dollar futures contracts.

Founder Ashok Yarlagadda
Joshua Smithberger, Trading Strategist

Josh practiced as a licensed financial advisor for over four years at Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo. He brings over fifteen years of experience in trading equities and ten years’ experience in trading options to the Delphian team, serving as a Trading Analyst helping members get the most out of the platform. Josh earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and Masters of Arts in Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. Josh served as a Naval Officer aboard various warships for more than ten years, conducting four six-month deployments with visits to over twenty countries.

Founder Ashok Yarlagadda
Shawn Glover, Trading Strategist

Shawn started his career as an equities trading analyst for Charles Schwab. He grew his knowledge base and expertise in equities and options. He found that he had a specialized interest in trading and options. He moved his career over to a futures and options firm, Capital Commodity Investments. Shawn began as a sales analyst and worked directly under the CEO to study futures, options and trading. After five years, Shawn started managing the firm’s trading desk. He designed and executed options strategies on all futures markets. He developed a self-directed, client focused, option education program that assisted clients in becoming efficient with analyzing and designing complex option spreads.