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Easily identify bullish or bearish stocks with our proprietary buy/sell algorithm. We offer trade entry dates, entry prices and exit prices.

Have your own strategy? Use our wizard to backtest your trading strategies with over 10 years of past stock and options data.

Trade directly from our platform without having to pay commissions.

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Why choose Delphian?

Delphian Trading

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Delphian uses machine learning quantitative mathematics, that evaluates current market patterns and compares them to similar patterns in 11 years of historical market data. From this, we can anticipate probable movement with great accuracy.

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Learn about our proprietary State ModelingTM system, it takes the guesswork out of trading.

Trading can be emotional. Fear and greed can be crippling when trying to make trading decisions. We use mathematics to make decisions. With State ModelingTM, we give clear signals with targets and stop losses based on our machine learning algorithm.


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Delphian Investing doesn’t have to be difficult, keep it simple with Delphian. Build a customized strategy, test your ideas and become a member to enjoy unlimited commission free trading.

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