Our proprietary algorithm predicts stock movement with pinpoint accuracy.

Our proprietary State ModelingTM helps minimize risk and enter trades when probabilities are in your favor. Based off finite state machine, we classify as bullish or bearish. We give you the direction of the underlying, the timeframe in which it’s going to move and the magnitude of the move. Delphian gives you all of the data that you need to develop a winning trade strategy.

Plan the Trade

Delphian helps traders create an effective trade strategy, optimize for maximum returns and execute the trade.

When done effectively, a comprehensive strategic trading framework can:
  • Eliminate costly emotions during highs or lows, and invest based on facts
  • Develop new, uncorrelated strategies that diversify your portfolio's risk
  • Capture rare few times per year opportunities, that only backtesting can expose
  • Give unique, tangible, and justifiable investment advice to your clients
  • Identify superior alpha generating investment opportunities
  • Demonstrate objective credibility to current and prospective investors
  • Identify and mitigate behavioral biases in investment decision-making
  • Provide an effective risk mitigation strategy
  • Add or reduce existing positions in a methodical manner with historically
    proven results